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We are Authorized Sales and Service Dealers of Exide since 1948 for all type of Industrial and Automotive Batteries. Exide is a leading name in the Automotive Batteries market with the Company supplying batteries to most car and two-wheeler manufacturersing the country. In addition to four wheeler batteries. Laxmi Motor is well know name and top most players to sell Exide Battries. 1511945988
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Industrial Batteries Our industrial segment includes sales to power backup equipment (UPS and Inverters), traction equipment (forklifts, golf carts, electric vehicles), infrastructure sector (railway, telecom, solar, power generation and utilities) and exports (traction and standby). As India's largest storage battery company with widest range of both conventional flooded as well as latest VRLA batteries, we design, manufacture, market and sell the widest range of lead acid storage batteries in the world - batteries ranging from 2.5Ah to 20,600Ah capacity - to cover the broadest spectrum of applications. We market our industrial batteries to the domestic market, under Exide, SF and CEIL brands. Internationally, our major brands are CEIL, Chloride and Index. 1512505442
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EXIDE VRLA BATTERIES RANGE BATTERIES FOR POWER & INFRASTRUCTURAL PROJECTS Exide Powersafe VRLA Batteries have been developed by Exide R&D center, in close collaboration with Shin Kobe Electric Machinery Co. Ltd., Japan, the manufacturers of Hitachi batteries, and are suitable for stationary applications in Indian conditions. The overall battery package is essentially directed towards attending to the inevitable rigorous environmental factors under which batteries are expected to perform in India. These include prolonged elevated temperature operation, frequent charge/ discharge cycles and occasionally deep discharges. Powersafe Batteries use a proprietary composition of lead calcium and tin alloy for the positive grid. Alloys based on calcium are inherently of low float current characteristics. The grid alloy per se leads to low float current and hence low water loss and oxygen recombination. This inherently means that heat evolution in lead Calcium system is low. This, together with better thermal management, allows the Exide VRLA batteries to perform better in extreme temperatures. FEATURES • Sealed Maintenance-Free VRLA • Less than 0.5% weekly self-discharge • Eco-friendly and ready to use • Cadmium-free • Flame arrestor safety valve • Extremely low footprint POWERSAFE UPST An ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company, Exide is the only eco-friendly manufacturer to offer lead acid batteries from 2.5 Ah to 20400 Ah. With technical assistance from Shin Kobe Electric Machinery Co., Japan, Exide Powersafe UPST is built on an experience of over 65 years in R&D manufacturing and field operations. Also, the company’s large network ensures easy accessibility and service in zero down time. APPLICATIONS • Off shore Platform • Power Plant • Switchgear operation • Uninterrupted Power supply System • Transmission and Distribution Substations • Telecommunications Systems • Railway Signalling FEATURESSuperior Performance • Enhanced plate length for high power density • Excellent recovery from deep discharge • Low self-discharge (less than 0.5% per week) Safety • Better Thermal Management in the system • Resistant o thermal runaway due to calcium tin alloy • Flame Arrestor fitted safety valve Life • Service life comparable with the best of the international makes • Design life is 20 years at 27under ideal float condition • 4000 cycles at 20% DOD • 1800 cycles at 50% DOD • 1400 cycles at 70% DOD Low Self Discharge • Antimony free alloy and hence self-discharge less than 0.5% per week at C10 capacity at 27 • Low self-discharge allows the battery to be stored for 3-6 months depending on the ambient temperature and with occasional freshening charges, there is no subsequent loss of performance Performance Conforming to • IS 15549:2005 • TEC: GR/BAT - 01/01 MAR 2004 with latest amendments • JIS: C 8704 - 2:1999 • IEC: 60896 -21&22 • ANSI: T1 330 (US specification for Telecom battery) • RDSO: IRS S93-96 with latest amendments HTTP://DOCS.EXIDEINDUSTRIES.COM/PDF/INDUSTRIAL-BATTERIES/VRLA-UPST-RANGE.PDF 1512508834
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Exide, we manufacture high-end submarine batteries conforming to the most stringent technical specifications and quality control standards. We are the country's only company to maintain a dedicated infrastructure with trained & skilled manpower to manufacture such specialized batteries, and one of the few battery manufacturers having the necessary capacity to manufacture submarine batteries for a wide range of submarine designs, such as Russian (Foxtrot/Romeo/ Kilo/636/Amur classes), German (209 class), French (Scorpene class) and Indigenous (Nuclear) submarines. The company meets 100% demand of the Indian Navy with indigenous submarine batteries and also exports with permission of the Government of India. We are a rare Indian company to be successful in exporting such a critical defence product and gaining repeat orders. 1512594462